Hello there.

This is AndyLast.com the most efficient way to watch A+ PRODUCTION videos. My name is Andy Last, and not only am I the president of A+ Productions, I am also a client.

A+ Productions have been making ridiculous videos for over a decade. Most notably the ALIEN CRISIS web mini series and our most watched video CAT KICK. Which is great because it's only 5 seconds long. And a lot of people seem to hate it. It's fake by the way.

Our inspirations include video games, classic Doctor Who, and 80's nostalgia. And by 80's nostalgia I mean 80 year olds. The nostalgia that 80 year olds have for the 1930's.


The History of A+ PRODUCTIONS

When I was a kid I used to make radio plays and “comedy tapes” with friends. Comedy is in quotes because I'm sure if I could hear them now they would be horse shit. I'm not even sure why I mentioned that because it has very little to do with A+ Productions. Furthermore, there's no reason for the word “tapes” to be in quotes because there is nothing subjective about that. They were literally audio cassette tapes.

In High-school when I began making videos it awoke the love of film bah blah blah. The first A+ PRODUCTION was the french language video “Le Vol De La Joconde” starring Matt Tost as Vincenzo, the man who stole the Mona Lisa. Based on the book by Huguette Zahler, our adaptation took some liberties with the story by taking the non-violent character of Vincenzo and turning him into an efficient killer who systematically murders all of the guards before hacking into the Louvre's security system. It was a modern interpretation.

Like most A+ Productions, the naming of A+ Productions was given little to no thought. The videos I was making were so ridiculous that they certainly did not deserve the grade “A+”. So I guess I'm saying that the name A+ Productions is ironic. Also my name starts with A and I get by with a little help from my friends. They are the “plus”. The other plus, besides the drugs, is the long list of accolades my videos have received over the years. For example, my dad enjoys one of them.

I hope you enjoy the videos on this site.